Lateria Young,Creative Director

Lateria Young,Creative Director

If asked why entrepreneur Lateria Young chose a career in event planning and styling, she might respond “What woman doesn’t love beautiful things?” but what sets Lateria apart from the average wedding planner and event stylist?

Lateria has always had a love for all things creative. Her enthusiasm for creating and sense of style stemmed from her childhood. She remembers sitting in her bedroom drawing for hours on end, perfecting each picture she created. As she grew into a young woman, her passion for creativity grew and she attended Milwaukee Highschool of the Arts. Her consistent enrollment in the arts helped mold her mind to appreciate all things beautiful.

Lateria wants to live in a world where thank you notes are handwritten, eyes are locked more often than iphones and where every event is designed to make people feel something.

When describing her passion for event planning and styling she says “I love planning and styling events it’s important that I pay attention to every detail, in those little details there’s a beautiful vision.”

“She designed a life she loves”